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Cargill Pipestone Minnesota Grain Cover

JMI manufactures reliable, cost effective Storage Covers for companies who utilize outside storage for their commodities. We provide our Protective Covers, Installation Services, Cover Guard® Strapping Systems and other products, for tens of millions of bushels each year.

Our grain pile covers can be used for: barley, corn, oats, sorghum, soybeans, sunflower, durum wheat, HRS wheat and more!

Why not let our innovation, knowledge and experience work for you and see the JMI advantage?

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Grain Cover Calculator

Enter the width, length, and angle of your grain pile and click CALCULATE for recommended cover size.

For concrete wall bunkers use dimensions measured from where the cover meets the top of wall. Angle is the side angle degree, measured from pile peek to ground or top of bunker wall.

Bunker Width:
Bunker Length:

RESULT (Suggested Cover Size to Order)


JMI offers a variety of covering materials and services designed to meet your storage requirements.

  • SRPE – String Reinforced Laminates
  • WPE – Woven Polyethylene
  • PVC – Vinyl Products
  • Replacement Tower Skirts for Center Air Systems
  • Cover Installation and Repair Services
  • VeraVent® Air Intake Vents
  • AeraShield®  Aeration Filtration Socks
  • CoverGuard®  Patented Internal Strapping System
  • HLT® Cover Connection Seams
  • EZ­Ploy® Deployment Hand Straps
  • Custom Covers from One­Piece to Multi­Sectional
  • Ground Pile Temperature Monitoring Systems
  • VeraFlow® Top Air Intakes
  • GCR™ – Grain Cover Recycling Program