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For concrete wall bunkers use dimensions measured from where the cover meets the top of wall. Angle is the side angle degree, measured from pile peek to ground or top of bunker wall.

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Temporary Grain Storage Covers

JMI Covers is a leading manufacturer of durable, industrial-strength temporary grain storage covers. JMI offers a variety of different materials to choose from: string reinforced polyethylene, woven coated polyethylene, and vinyl. JMI grain covers are custom made to size and specification for lifting rings, oval, and rectangular bunkers. Covers are available with grommeted edges and weather flaps, or material sheets for quick installation.

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CoverGuard® Patented Internal Strapping System

Our unique CoverGuard® Patented Internal Strapping System is actually encapsulated within the cover. Compared to those External Web Nets, our CoverGuard® Internal Strapping System saves both time and money by reducing installation time at a fraction of the cost. CoverGuard® is available in 12ft and 24ft spacing options.

  • For bunker piles, this system secures to wall ratchets allowing the cover to be secured during the building and reclaim process, providing added protection of your investment
  • System helps manage Aeration costs by reducing the reliance on Aerations Fans to secure the cover
  • Provides additional protection of your investment should you experience a “Power Outage” or in times of high winds
  • Reusability – After reclaiming your commodity, simply remove straps from their protective pockets and return to JMI and receive up to a 50% discount of the strapping system the following year.

EZ-PLOY® Hand Straps

  • Designed to aid in the deployment of the covers while helping reduce the “Wear & Tear” on your hands.
  • The “EZ-Ploy®” Straps are installed along the connection seams on 12Ft. OC spacing
  • EZ-Ploy® Straps are standard on JMI covers with the purchase of our HLT® Connection Seams.
  • Optional: EZ-Ploy® is available for customers who sew their covers together.

Say goodbye to all those “Knuckle Busters” during cover deployment

Cover Cable Lift Systems

Unitizing the EZ-Ploy® Straps within the JMI covers, now allows our customers the option to place lift cables through the EZ-Ploy® Straps located underneath cover to aid in the lifting of the cover. Benefits of this method are:

  • Helps keep the cover in place during filling. Eliminates “Twisting in the Wind” during the filling process
  • Allows for better flow of the grain underneath the cover.
  • Reduces the chance of that dreaded “Belly Rollover” trapping the cover underneath the grain.

Replacement Tower Skirts

  • Made from Heavy Duty 22oz. PVC Vinyl
  • Designed to fit a range of fill systems including Center Air to Custom tower structures.
  • Redesigned Corner Caps helps minimize grain fallout at this points
  • Tower Skirts are reinforced at the bottom for extended durability
  • Connection Grommets are Keyed for consistent spacing
  • Heavy Duty Zip Ties are Provided

AeraShield® Aeration Filtration Socks

JMI offers durable aeration screens that prevent grain from entering the aeration pipe without restricting airflow through the perforations. Our polypropylene material can be ordered by mill roll, or manufactured into socks to fit your specific size requirements.

  • 10’, & 12’ stock mill rolls available
  • Socks can be manufactured to any length and diameter designed to simply
    slide the sock over the aeration pipe
  • Fast delivery and competitive pricing

HLT® Cover Connection Seams

  • Tired of Sewing? HLT® Connection Seams are extremely strong are easily assembled on site without the use of sewing machines
  • These Connection Seams have webbing reinforced and grommet edges, which are secured together with the use of heavy duty zip ties
  • Hook & Loop secondary Rain flaps provide additional moisture protection and are color coded to insure proper of installation

VeraFlow® Air Takes

Another innovation from JMI, VeraFlow® Air Intakes. Designed for customers who use Perforated PVC pipe to provide air flow throughout the pile.

  • VeraFlow® Air Intakes are manufactured with spacing increments of 12 Ft. This system insures consistent spacing across the pile and a more balanced air flow throughout the grain pile
  • Since VeraFlow® is built into our covers, you no longer have to place the pipe prior to covering. Once the cover has been installed and secured, open the VeraFlow® hook and loop pocket and place intake pipe and close.
  • The air flow mesh located on the bottom of the pocket allows air to be pulled into the pile while providing a strong and moisture resistant seal.

Temperature / Fan Control Systems

The Extron Grain Management System continuously monitors conditions in and around your pile to give you the information you need to help detect spoilage, understand trends, and confidently manage your grain. Log on to your exclusive monitoring site from the comfort of your office, home, or even the road with your mobile device to access your data while custom alerts can be sent via email to operators as desired. Giving you the ability to take a more of a proactive approach to what was previously a reactive situation.

VeraVent® Air Intakes

  • This unique and innovated solution easily installs in less than 15 Minutes
  • Ideal for Center Air or Conical shaped piles where FM tends to build around the inner core of the pile making it sometimes difficult to achieve a good balanced air flow in these areas.
  • “HOT SPOTS” – Simply place VeraVent® over problem area and secure. Roll back the outer protective flap to expose the air screen. Roll back air screen flap to expose the grain cover. Cut the grain cover and remove. Pull air screen back and re-secure to the Velcro™ seal. Immediately begins to start cooling the area down. Once cooled, secure protective outer flap. Designed to prevent moisture from re-entering the vent area
  • With a large 8 Ft. opening, VeraVent® delivers a concentrated air flow to that area of the pile
  • Easily re-opens & closes should product samples or additional cooling be required
  • VeraVent® helps maintain the overall quality of your product, which leads to savings.