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Installation & Recycling

Installation & Recycling


There’s no one better qualified to install the innovative covering products from JMI Covers than JMI Covers. Our specialized installation team can provide you with fast and professional installation of your covers. Let our expertise and experience make installation a turn-key process for you. It is our goal to protect all of your products, no matter the width, weight or height and then install it efficiently and accurately.

With millions of tons of used covers going into landfills each year, our GCR® Recycling Program helps our customers avoid the aggravation of disposal and helps to reduce landfill waste. JMI Covers will bundle, secure all covers and arrange for pickup. Covers will then be transferred to our recycling center partner for processing. Keep your covers out of our landfills, choose JMI Covers’ GCR® Grain Cover Recycling today!

Grain Cover Recycling

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