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Athletic Covers

Athletic Tarps & Covers

Athletic Tarps & Covers

AvanteGuard® Athletic Covers are manufactured using North American produced woven coated polyethylene. Each cover includes reinforced webbing around the perimeter with grommets and customized hand loops every 10 feet, as well as in each corner. AvanteGuard® Athletic Field Covers are available in several different fabric weights and in standard or custom sizes for most applications.  We have the best solutions for all field types.

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Avante Guard Athletic Covers
  • • Baseball Field Covers

  • • Baseball Skin Covers

  • • Baseball Base / Mound Covers

  • • Pitchers Mound Tarps
    • Football Field Covers

  • • Sideline Covers

  • • Tennis Court Covers

  • • Gym Floor Covers

  • • Soccer Field Covers

  • • & More

Athletic Field Covers

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