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Environmental Covers

Environmental Covers

Alternative Daily Covers (ADC)

At JMI Covers, L.L.C., we use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, the highest quality materials, and industry-leading quality control practices to manufacture our environmental covers. We ensure our covers are as easy to utilize as possible, and we work closely with our customers to determine their specific needs.

Quality Craftsmanship

JMI Covers, L.L.C. converts a variety of premier quality woven coated polyethylene and polypropylene materials used in the everyday liner and cover applications. JMI Covers' EnduraMax® is the leading technical fabric in the nation. Using our advanced manufacturing capabilities, diverse converting methods, and industry-leading quality control practices you will have peace of mind knowing you have chosen the best of the best for your project. No matter the application, there is a JMI Covers product that will outperform the competition.


ENDURAMAX® woven coated covers and liners are used for both lining and covering applications in a variety of industries:

  • • Interim Landfill Covers

  • • Irrigation and Canal Liners

  • • Long-Term Covers

  • • Landscape Ponds

  • • Settling Basins

  • • Golf Course & Fire Reservoir Ponds

  • • Pit Liners

  • • Soil Remediation

  • • Curtains

  • • Barriers & Blankets

  • • Portable Water Supply

  • • Custom Fabricated Covers

Tarps, Covers & Liners

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