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JMI Covers has been a trailblazer in the industry. With a focus on function and sustainability, JMI professionals have the experience and dedication to solve many industry-related obstacles. We encourage open communication with customers and industry professionals to find solutions for any problem. Some of the innovations we have created include The Patented CoverGuard®  Internal Strapping System, AeraShield® Aeration Filtration Socks, HLT® Cover Connection Seems, EZ-PLOY® Hand Straps, & more.


Our Patented CoverGuard® Internal Strapping System is uniquely encapsulated within the grain cover. Our patented system saves both time and money by reducing installation time at a fraction of the cost of external web nets. The Patented CoverGuard® Internal Strapping System is available in 12 ft. and 24 ft. spacing options.

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The Guardian Positioning System® is integrated into our high-quality grain covers and is strategically placed to allow employees to be securely attached to a tie-off point. Our system is designed to reduce the chances of sliding off the pile while working. It will enable personnel to safely maneuver around the pile during cover installation, maintenance, sample probing, or when removing cover sections during product reclaim.

VeraFlow® Air Intakes

VeraFlow® is designed for customers who use perforated PVC pipes to provide airflow throughout the pile. VeraFlow® Air Intakes are manufactured with spacing increments of 12ft. This system ensures consistent spacing across the pile and balanced airflow throughout the grain pile. Since VeraFlow® is built into our covers, you no longer have to place the pipe before covering. Once the cover has been installed and secured, open the VeraFlow® hook and loop pocket, place intake pipe, and close.

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EZ-PLOY® Hand Straps

EZ-Ploy® Hand Straps are designed to aid in the deployment of the covers while helping reduce the wear & tear on your hands. The EZ-Ploy® Straps are installed along the connection seams on 12ft. spacing and are standard on JMI's covers with the purchase of our HLT® Connection Seams.

VeraVent® Air Intakes

VeraVent® Air Intakes are ideal for all styles and configurations of bunkers where FM tends to build around the pile's inner core, making it sometimes difficult to achieve a well-balanced airflow in these areas. VeraVent® helps maintain the overall quality of your product, which leads to savings.

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HLT® Cover Connection Seams

Are you tired of Sewing? HLT® Connection Seams are extremely strong and are easily assembled on-site without sewing machines. These Connection Seams have reinforced webbing and grommeted edges, secured together using heavy-duty zip ties. Hook & Loop secondary rain flaps provide additional moisture protection and are color-coded to ensure proper installation.

BunkerGuard® Wall Skirts

BunkerGuard® Wall Skirts are manufactured to each specific pile size and wall height. It is easily removed and is reusable. Our strategically placed mesh screens allow for the aeration system to still pull in the air as not to starve the aeration system and increase energy costs. BunkerGuard® installs easily to the top wall and rolls up when complete airflow is desired.

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