GCR™ – Grain Cover Recycling


Give Your Grain Covers a Second Chance at Life!


Keep your covers out of our landfills, choose JMI Covers’ Grain Cover Recycling today!

In January 2017, JMI Covers pioneered the Grain Cover Recycling program. Now, just a few short months later, it has taken off!

For full instructions on our GCR Program, please check out our Literature page for details.


Our GCR Program gives those once discarded covers a second chance at life.
JMI Covers will bundle, secure all covers and arrange for pickup. Covers will then be transferred to our recycling center partner for processing.
Avoid the aggravation of disposal, reduce landfill waste and join JMI in helping to keep Mother Earth Green!

For more information, please call (985) 386-6000.